Hometown Arms
18 Sundance Drive
Pottsville, AR, 72858
Phone: 479-453-6918 (text preferred)

I'm tired of paying too much for firearms. I'm sure you are also.

I have a, what I call, "transparency policy" meaning nothing is hidden from you

Here are some notes:
  1. I am a "home based" Type 1 FFL dealer. I do not have a business residence. I do not have a flashy website (as you can tell). I do not have a billboard or front sign. I am on Google, though. This keeps cost low. I only do this in my spare time with my two lovely children screaming in the background :).
  2. I make 20$ on each sale if I have to order anything. It can be a 2$ spring, a 200$ firearm or a 2000$ firearm. I will make 20$ on any item sale. With that being said, I want you to save as much money as possible. Try it yourself: call ANY local pawn shop/dealer and ask them how much a "Ruger AR-556" is, and then call me. You'll be shocked... I support the 2nd Amendment, not profits.
  3. I charge 5$ for transfers for valid Arkansas CCW permit holders, teachers, law enforcement, fire-fighters, and really anyone who I feel is has a positive impact on our communities. That is the absolute cheapest in the whole Pope/Yell county area. I recommend getting a CCW permit as it makes paperwork and background checks more simple. Otherwise it will be 20$.
  4. I would much rather you buy a firearm online and have it shipped to me for the transfer rather than me having to order and supply it. Even though I have wholesale capabilities, it doesn't help your case any to pay me extra money. If you've never bought a gun online, I can show you some extremely valuable resources (Gunbroker, Gun.deals, etc) to use to find the best deals around. I guarantee online prices will completely blow away any retail shop by [up to] hundreds in most cases... It is completely legal and even recommended to buy firearms online.
  5. I accept cash, favorable trades, and bitcoin as payment. I'm one of the only few dealers in America that accept bitcoin as payment for firearms. Visit www.weusecoins.com for more information on bitcoin.
  6. I do not carry stock. If you want anything in particular then either you or I will have to order it.